Utopia Mas Ash Wednesday DDI Boat Ride

is available to Utopia Masqueraders only

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By Monzo or Google Pay

click 'Make Downpayment' button

Send downpayment for a total of 180 GBP

in 'private message' enter your name and section

if you have problems with this payment feature whatsapp +1868 389 1652

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Send your payment to:


Trinidad & Tobago

Senders Notes : Utopia Mas Deposit


Include Masquerader's name

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Email the MTCN and payment details to:


whats app  receipt photo to

+1 868 389 1652

1.Choose Your Costume.
If you're unsure of your sizes
check our Size Chart

2. Choose Your Costume Options
Choose your panty or bra style
(Options close 20th December)
3. Choose Your Payment Method
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4. Complete Form & Confirm Your Registration Details
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5. Make Your Payment
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Our Rate : $1 usd = $6.45 ttd

Custom Orders For Plus Size Bras Closes 20th December 2019

From 21st December

Costumes sold as

Small - Medium - Large

 subject to availability


Utopia Mas packages are sold in local $TTD.

Your credit card will be charged in $US Dollars

For today's exchange rate visit

Failure to make payment deadlines will forfeit your registration.

Deposits and part payments are non-refundable

Registrations are non transferable

Utopia Mas Costume Packages

Yes you get the headpiece and feathered backpack as shown in the photos for the price listed. You're not paying extra for backpacks or headpieces or any pieces shown. 

No Hidden Charges.

No Upgrade Fees.


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