Trinidad carnival Tribe Bliss Yuma costumes 2020

 'Chapter 4"


A state of being thankful, grateful. A consciousness of received benefit

Package includes Ash Wednesday Boat Ride

 Frontline with Feathered Backpack

Trinidad carnival costumes


Trinidad carnival costumes


Trinidad carnival costumes yuma bliss harts

All Costumes are priced and sold as seen in the photos.

Feathered Backpacks Included

No hidden costs. No mandatory upgrade charges. 

Trinidad carnival costume prices

Backline with Feathered Backpack

Backline costume is available with the hipster panty style as seen on the frontline,


Panty is not decorated but supplied with decorated backline belt.

Trinidad carnival costumes the lost tribe
Trinidad carnival costumes yuma bliss harts
Trinidad carnival costumes the lost tribe
Trinidad carnival costume bliss pure utopia
Trinidad carnival backline costumes

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Utopia Mas Costume Packages

Yes you get the headpiece and feathered backpack as shown in the photos for the price listed. You're not paying extra for backpacks or headpieces or any pieces shown. 

No Hidden Charges. No Upgrade Fees.

Backline with

Feathered Collar

Gratitude Section Prices.jpg

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Your Costume Choice

Monday Wear

Tuesday Breakfast,

Monday & Tuesday Lunch,

Snacks & Goodies

Unlimited Premium Alcoholic Drinks

Soca Sound Trucks

Rest & Cool Down Vehicle

Water  First Aid  Toilets

Security Personnel

Unlimited Carnival Vibes







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gratitude male 1.jpg
GRATI options prices.jpg
Trinidad carnival sexy costumes
Trinidad carnival frontline costumes 2020
Trinidad carnival costumes


Boat Ride Spaces Remaining

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Trinidad Carnival Costumes for sale Trinidad Carnival Diary