Welcome to Utopia

"Fun, Safe, Mas"

Utopia Vibes

  • Drinks Truck bar with an unlimited supply of alcoholic drinks including premium brands

  • Scotch, Vodka, Brandy, Cognac, Moscato, Black Label, White Oak, Tequila, Beers & more!

  • Lunch, Snacks, and Treats on both days

  • Breakfast on Tuesday

  • Private security team

  • On-site EFR and First Aid

  • Mobile  Restrooms

  • Mobile  Cool Down bus

  • Roaming photographers

  • Goody Bags with souvenirs and carnival essentials

  • Unlimited Water, Juice, and Soft Drinks

  • Monday Wear

  • And of course… your Beautiful Tuesday costume!

Utopia Mas Channel

Utopia Mas Channel

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Our Masqueraders Said

"Playing Mas with Utopia Mas felt like I was joining a family! Everyone was so friendly and inviting and I had such a good time the first go around that I came back the following year! If you want to make long term friends and family join Utopia Mas

Brittany McDaniel, USA


"my Utopia Mas experience was totally EPIC!! I had the best time ever,seriously everything was on point,from the Food to the Masqueraders,to the Costumes,Drinks,Music,Vibes Everything..I had the best time ever an i will b playing Again with this band come 2021 after God 🙏🏾😁.."

Marcia Jordan Smith, Trinidad


"Absolutely loved my time with Utopia Mas.Organiser and staff were always super friendly and helpful. Through the whole experience I felt happy and safe. Great soundsystem and beautiful costumes. Thank you"

Ulrika Bergelind, Sweden



みんな優しいし面白いし、参加して良かった!Utopia 選んだ自分を褒めてあげたい(笑)

Rena Kato, Japan

"My experience on road with Utopia Mas has been a blessing. Playing masquerader in 2017 and individual in 2018 was such a sweet and liberating way to reconnect with my culture and birth home each year after living abroad. Being able to utilise my dance training to create choreography in the mas with my friends and family who play with Utopia, especially when I had the opportunity to play Queen for the band in 2019. I wish the band much success in spreading love on the road"

Gabriella Parson, Canada

The dream of playing Mas in Trinidad finally came alive in 2020; from Conch shell to Stage gone bad mas was worth it. The experience with Utopia Mas was world-class; hydration provided, Open bar with l