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Welcome to Utopia

"Fun, Safe, Mas"

Utopia Vibes

  • Drinks Truck bar with an unlimited supply of alcoholic drinks including premium brands

  • Scotch, Vodka, Brandy, Cognac, Moscato, Black Label, White Oak, Tequila, Beers & more!

  • Lunch, Snacks, and Treats on both days

  • Breakfast on Tuesday

  • Private security team

  • On-site EFR and First Aid

  • Mobile  Restrooms

  • Mobile  Cool Down bus

  • Roaming photographers

  • Goody Bags with souvenirs and carnival essentials

  • Unlimited Water, Juice, and Soft Drinks

  • And of course… your Beautiful Tuesday costume!

Utopia Mas Channel

Utopia Mas Channel

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Our Masqueraders Said

"Playing Mas with Utopia Mas felt like I was joining a family! Everyone was so friendly and inviting and I had such a good time the first go around that I came back the following year! If you want to make long term friends and family join Utopia Mas

Brittany McDaniel, USA


"my Utopia Mas experience was totally EPIC!! I had the best time ever,seriously everything was on point,from the Food to the Masqueraders,to the Costumes,Drinks,Music,Vibes Everything..I had the best time ever an i will b playing Again with this band come 2021 after God 🙏🏾😁.."

Marcia Jordan Smith, Trinidad


"Absolutely loved my time with Utopia Mas.Organiser and staff were always super friendly and helpful. Through the whole experience I felt happy and safe. Great soundsystem and beautiful costumes. Thank you"

Ulrika Bergelind, Sweden



みんな優しいし面白いし、参加して良かった!Utopia 選んだ自分を褒めてあげたい(笑)

Rena Kato, Japan

"My experience on road with Utopia Mas has been a blessing. Playing masquerader in 2017 and individual in 2018 was such a sweet and liberating way to reconnect with my culture and birth home each year after living abroad. Being able to utilise my dance training to create choreography in the mas with my friends and family who play with Utopia, especially when I had the opportunity to play Queen for the band in 2019. I wish the band much success in spreading love on the road"

Gabriella Parson, Canada

The dream of playing Mas in Trinidad finally came alive in 2020; from Conch shell to Stage gone bad mas was worth it. The experience with Utopia Mas was world-class; hydration provided, Open bar with lots of options, food, and the icing on the cake was the Ash Wednesday boat ride into the sunset off into the Gulf of Paria, mad up the place, an excellent way to end the carnival vibe. Communication and professionalism are alive and well with this Mas camp. Look no further than Utopia Mas for your carnival experience . Stuart and crew made this experience worth it, and I’ll play Mas again with Utopia."

 Jelani D, USA

"We had always played with the large bands before playing with Utopia. Then we decided to try a smaller band but wasnt entirely sure what to expect. So were a bit skeptical at first. Utopia's service was on point though. Everything they do is about making you feel welcome and having a great experience. Food drinks music friendly service we were really impressed. Really enjoyed the level of comfort being in a smaller band which is what we wanted but what was unexpected is the friendliness of the Utopia staff and other masqueraders on the road.  We've played with Utopia three times since and It really does feel like playing with family."

 Stacey & Ryan, UK

2019 was my first time playing with Utopia Mas. My sister and I had a great time with Stuart and Utopiamas it is a small mas band so you will have a very personal experience. The costumes were very well made and lots of choices to choose from.  The investment to play mas is very affordable, they will work with you to make it enjoyable. Make sure to follow all the suggestions they send out in the emails. I was very grateful I purchased the shoe inserts lol 😁 .

Mechi Renee, USA 

“My experience with Utopia (2020) has to go down as one of the best carnival experiences I’ve had. The costumes were stunning, the size of the band suited my friends and I. The comfort of familiarity and closeness of the wider group of people we met over the 3 days. The band leaders were amazingly accommodating and welcoming, making our first and definitely not our last time with Utopia, a thoroughly enjoyable one!”

Tamo, Trinidad

About Us
About Us

Utopia Mas launched onto the Trinidad carnival scene in 2012. Unlike most new bands, Utopia Mas was not a 'break-away' band, but one of the few modern mas bands started from scratch.

Utopia Mas was formed by Band Leader Stuart and four of his close friends, all of whom are longtime masqueraders.


Since day 1 Utopia's philosophy has always been first and foremost about three principles;


1. Providing excellent customer service

2. Our masqueraders having fun.

3. Our costumes reflecting the theme.


Utopia endeavour to provide our masqueraders with an intimate 'Utopia family' vibes. Keeping it real allows us to provide our Utopians with friendly familiar customer service, and a comfortable experience for you on the road. Especially when you want to get lunch, visit a drinks truck, or use the mobile bathroom.


The Utopia Vibes. There are 'Utopians' who have played with us every year since the beginning and each year there are new masqueraders  who jumped across to Utopia Mas from other bands. However you join us, all our "Utopians" quickly become part of the international Utopia family. Something we love about our people is how they get to know each other on the road, keep in touch, then come back to meet up again in the band the next year, Part of being in Utopia Mas is making friends for life on the road.


Who Are The Utopians, Our masqueraders come from all regions of the world, Trinidad, Tobago, Caribbean islands, Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, Japan, and South America. We are proud of the range in ages from young to mature, people of all races and complexions. A real mix of people united by two common factors, a love of carnival and the desire to have fun playing mas. There's no pretentiousness on the road with 

Utopia Mas. 


We are an ALL INCLUSIVE band and whilst there is no pretentiousness on the road we expect all our Utopian's to be respectful of their fellow masqueraders, Our security are there to keep you safe. We encourage you to free up and have fun and enjoy the great 'fun vibe' of Utopia Mas, however, our security team will ALWAYS put the comfort and safety of our masqueraders first. 

Keeping it real. Utopia Mas are dedicated to providing you with excellent value for money, giving you beautiful well made costumes and dedicated customer service at a competitive price.


Our founder and Band Leader Stuart played mas for over 20 years, with Legends, Barbarossa, Poison, and Island People before forming Utopia Mas in 2012. His customer service viewpoint has always been that of a masquerader and providing what's important to you is what's important to us.. This is why Utopia Mas focus on making your road experience pleasurable, producing quality costumes with trending materials, and doing our best to keep costume prices down, 


We  know how much school books and class fees cost students, we know how expensive flights, hotels and travel is for our international members. We know how much your heating bills are in winter, and we understand that  you save all year for your trip to Trinidad carnival. No one wants a 'cheap' costume, and we DON'T do cheap, But Utopia Mas management are masqueraders at heart, first and foremost, so we keep our quality UP and our prices competitive. Keeping mas affordable but not making cheap costumes is one of our long term goals. 


Mas and the theme. Our Band Leader Stuart is the band's designer and whilst we happily admit we are a 'pretty mas' style band with bikini, feathers, and beads, the Utopia philosophy is that mas costumes should have relevance to the theme.


Let the costumes tell the story.


We love to party on the road as much as any band but we are a competition band and so we do cross the required judging stages. There are five judging stages along the route and at these stages we ask masqueraders to respect the theme presentation and require them to be in costume and their correct chapter to give the best presentation for the judges. Our DJs announce the stages and the band staff coordinate the chapters.  The rest of the route you're free to free up, mix and mingle.  


Utopia Mas do not produce our costumes in China.


We produce all our costumes 'In-house' We also design and export costumes to other carnivals around the world and now have 'sections' in some bands outside of Trinidad.


Utopia Mas Members when you register for a Utopia costume package you automatically get your Utopia membership. . 



Registrations                                             Kimmi

Customer Service                                    Natasha

Sound Manager                                       O2 Sound                     

Transport Manager                                  Swift

Security Manager                                    Fred

Bar Manager                                             Darryn 

Social Media / Promotions                    Christina

Production Manager                                Keisha

General Management                             Natasha

Production Team









Jerome & Jacob

Graphic Design & Website

Ripe Banana



Band Leader




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